Sunday, May 23, 2010

We are still here....

Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I have done an update. Life is good. We are enjoying the spring time weather it if finally starting to warm up and we took our VW bus on it's first camp out last weekend and had a blast. I managed to loose my memory card with my recent pictures I am hoping it will turn up soon.

Lauren is growing up so fast she is the biggest helper and such a sweetheart. She is kind and loving to Ashley. She loves going to preschool and is looking forward to swimming classes this summer. Her favorite color is Red (and blue and pink and purple and white apparently... I read it to her and she corrected me.) She really misses all of her cousins she talks about them and is always asking when we can visit with them. She points off to the distance and asks me if I know what is over there and then proceeds to tell me that is where Alauna, Natalie, Caemlyn, Addison and Aunt Ariah (Mariah) live.

Lauren had her first haircut (yeah I know 3 1/2 is a little old for the first hair cut but I love her curls and didn't want to loose them!)

She was not to happy about getting it cut turns out she thought we were cutting it short
The first cut...
She was so happy afterward. 
There is still some curl left, Angie knew exactly what to do and just evened it out for us! (PS Angie doesn't normally cut kids hair but did me a huge favor since I was so worried about HUGE THANKS to her!!!)

Ashley is growing up way to fast, she is crawling has one bottom tooth (came in while we were camping) so far she is really good when teething (knock on wood) She loves her sister and really likes shaking her head no. She has the highest pitch scream and screams when she is happy, bored, hurt or mad. I am thinking I may go deaf soon if she doesn't figure out a new way to communicate! She loves eating peas. She waves and say Hi (although Wes doesn't believe me) she follows me around the house and gets mad if I walk by and don't pick her up. She also really enjoys pulling Lauren's hair. She is really a sweet baby and fits in great with our family I can't believe she will be 9 months on June 10th. At her last doctors appointment she weighed 20 lbs and was 28" tall she is proportionally big just like her sister although she is on the chart unlike her sister. 

I am keeping busy with the daily life of being a Mom a few crafty endeavors here and there ( I need to take some pictures) I was released from the RS Enrichment (Activity) leader and now the 2nd Counselor in the YW and camp director. I love working with the youth and girls camp is my favorite thing in the world.

Wes finished working for his uncle in December and started his new job working for Axa Pacific Insurance this spring. He really likes the people that he works with. He has his typical ever changing car collection right now we have the Honda Odessy, a BMW M5, a Acura RL and the VW Westfalia.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We have now become a crowd!

Ashley Marie Cairns was born on September 10, 2009 @ 3:34am. I had started having regular contractions on the previous Saturday and had gone to the hospital and since they were not progressing they sent me home. I was very relieved and made the mistake of saying as long as I make it to Wednesday night I would be fine... I had a lot to do and it was Lauren's first day of school on Tuesday and her birthday on Wednesday. I had things every night that week and lots of things I wanted to get done but as long as I got Lauren taken care of I would be okay. I continued to have contractions but didn't think to much of them. Lauren's first day of school went wonderfully, I will post more on that later... Wednesday was Lauren's 3rd birthday and I decorated the house and when she woke up we gave her a few of her presents (a doll and stroller) and I had told her she could do what ever she wanted she decided she wanted to take her doll and stroller to the mall and then go for a hike. We went to the grocery store so I could be ready for her special day at school and for my enrichment Thursday night. That night we went out to dinner at Montana's for her birthday and as I got into the car to go home I felt a gush. I jumped back out of the car and told Wes I thought my water just broke he said I was crazy but put Lauren's raincoat down under me just in case, well it had broke and continued to soak me the rest of the night. I called to find out when I should go to the hospital since I had a scheduled c-section and they said as soon as I could get there. I dilly dallied packing and cleaning then dropped off Lauren, Wes was convinced they were just going to send us home again but wanted to be safe. Well they didn't they said the Dr was in a c-section but I would be next and it would be about an hour. WOW!

Here I am waiting, the contractions were getting pretty intense...

Wes and I bored (and scared)
Wes in scrubs (side note: the nurse had told him to wait at the end of the hallway and she would be back to get him clothes, while she was getting me situated another nurse walked by and gave Wes the clothes for him to change into, so my nurse turned to go to him and he was gone and you could tell she was worried that he had left. He was REALLY nervous!)
Ashley's first picture!!!
Weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs 3 oz, 19 3/4 inches.
After her first bath, she was swimming in this outfit. Proud big sister.

What a cute family!
Getting ready to leave the hospital, she wasn't happy...
Lauren is really good about trying to comfort her when she cries.

Grandma Plumb and Ashley.
My Mom drove up from Spokane to help out, she is amazing!
We are now home and doing great. Lauren has been a huge helper and loves to sit and watch Ashley. My Mom has been great about filling in the gaps, entertaining Lauren and taking care of the day to day tasks, plus it is great to have your Mom around when you are in pain! Wes has been a big help at night with Ashley I have been able to feed her and then if she stays awake he will take her and let me get some sleep unfortunately he is going back to work tomorrow so that will probably be over. Ashley is a perfect fit in our family and we are so grateful that she is here.